Testimonials from our Owners

Hessel and I wanted to thank you for your terrific service to us, you really exceeded our expectations. We wish you all the best.

"exceeded our expectations"

We'd like to put on-the-record our appreciation of your very helpful and effective cooperation during the sale procedures for our property at 15 Watts St Drayton.

Now that this has successfully settled, we'd also like to express our deep appreciation to you and your colleagues at Copas Newnham for the very professional and satisfying relationship we've maintained over almost a DECADE.  We have been consistently impressed at the levels of service, commitment to clients, clear and timely communications, and accurate accounting, which has given us peace-of-mind for all of that time.  Investing "from a distance', whether inter-state, or (as in our

case) inter-national requires a very high degree of trust.  We have always been able to depend on your office to deliver an excellent service to us as landlords, and we do know that this has also been appreciated by our tenants over the years.  This is particularly evident when we've relied on your efforts to facilitate maintenance and related developments at the property. Well done...

"consistently impressed"

It's been a wonderful experience working with you. If/when we are ever in a position to consider becoming investors/landlords in Toowoomba again, we would certainly turn first to your firm for your professional and very competent support.  It has been a pleasure to work with you, and we've enjoyed the journey. - THANK YOU!

Warm regards

Terry & Ali Goodall

We have the highest regard for Sharon, Melisa and the Copas team. Your service has always exceeded our expectations and we would like to thank you all for your support and professionalism over the years. We will not hesitate in recommending Copas Newnham Property Services in the future.


Thank you for the appraisal Lauren, I'm happy to say we would be very pleased to put our house in your very capable hands. You were the third & last real estate that had called around & spoke to me. I felt like I had an instant rapport with you, as you were so easy to talk to & you sounded like you knew what you were talking about. I also like how Copas Newnham offers the two separate Fee Structures, that was something the other real estates didn't have. So, besides what the real estate offers, it was your personality that won me over. Thank you for making this transition that bit easier.


Very professional & friendly.  Carmel is a welcoming face, puts one at ease.  Would recommend Copas Newnham to anyone whether wanting to rent, buy or invest a property.

John Wolski

First National Real Estate Toowoomba have provided very prompt and professional service to me.  Having approached 4 other local real estate agents I found Copas Newnham First National offered the most helpful and efficient service by far.

Corrina O'Brien

My husband I are no strangers to investments and own numerous residential and commercial properties throughout Queensland.  In 2003 we purchased a block of flats which the previous owner had managed.  He told us to save our money in management fees as it was an easy job to do.  The night we settled we had a call from the tenant in flat 2 that the tenant in flat 1 bashed her and knocked her down the adjoining wall to make it one big flat.  The problems went on and on.  We then handed the management over to a real estate agent in Toowoomba but they didn't do anything - they never even returned my phone calls.  We soon began having buyers regret.  We were losing money from loss of rent from day one. We drove up to find a new agent.  I remember giving Copas Newnham the third degree for close on an hour about the credentials and their ability to bring our flats into a good state of repair with a good class of tenant.  The property manager they put on the job was, and still is, our knight in shining armour.  I can honestly say that I have never had a problem with Copas Newnham and any problems that do come to light with the management of the flats are professionally and quickly addressed and the problem is resolved.

Jill and Howard Talbot.

I originally chose Copas Newnham to manage my first investment property after I had researched the local market for the best property managers.  Over the last few years I have added more properties to my portfolio in addition to now also working overseas.  Having a professional, trustworthy customer focussed property manager as part of my wealth creation team lets me get on with my life.

Peter Boyce

We chose Copas Newnham initially because of their excellent reputation.  We have been with them for 16 years and are most satisfied with the performance of our rental properties.  We rate our property manager 12/10.  Like good wine she just keeps getting better all the time.

Helena Moranino

It is with pleasure I provide a testimonial for the rental  property management team at Copas Newnham Toowoomba. W e have had our units and duplexes with Copas Newnham for six years and during that time the team there has always given us professional, efficient and prompt service in relation to our properties.  Copas Newnham have helped ensure our properties are always tenanted and with high quality tenants.  Our property manager, in particular, has consistently gone above and beyond what would normally be expected of a property manager. We would recommend Copas Newnham without hesitation to residential property owners looking for hassle free service which maximises the return on your investment.

Ian Smith

On purchasing my first set of units I inherited the management services of Copas Newnham.  This was a good thing as they are one of the biggest rental management in Toowoomba.  This meant they were well acquainted with how the rental market operates locally.  For 5 years now Copas has managed my units and I have found them to be reliable and efficient.  Their tenant selection has been commendable.  Try them; I am sure you won't be disappointed.

Alwyn Rix

I have been dealing with Copas Newnham Property Management for over 25 years.  In this time I have always found them to be professional, diligent in their choice of tenant and prompt in following up any issues which may arise.  All the staff are professional and courteous in their dealings with both me and my tenants.  I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who wants a first rate property management service.

Clive Armitage

Copas Newnham has managed my Toowoomba property for the past ten years.  The standard of management during that time has been consistently excellent.  Property managers have always been readily available to answer queries and requests, communication between myself, tenants and tradesmen has always been facilitated promptly and graciously, inspections have been carried out thoroughly and reported accurately and statements have always been received on time.  Phone calls to the office are handled efficiently and with courtesy.  I am most happy having Copas Newnham manage my property.

Doug Pauli

It is great peace of mind for me to know that my properties are all so well managed by Copas Newnham. My property manager is extremely professional.  She is enthusiastic, thorough and committed to excellent customer service, not just for me, but also my tenants.  The support staff in the office are always friendly, polite and highly professional.  I am more than happy to recommend Copas Newnham to any investor.

Mark Dobinson

I have no hesitation in recommending the Property Management team of Copas Newnham to any prospective landlord or tenant.  In all my dealing with the team, I have found them to be pleasant to deal with, prompt to attend to any concerns and fair to both landlords and tenants.  In particular, I would like to thank my property manager for the pleasant manner in which she approaches her duties.

Doug Ferguson

We purchased our first investment in Toowoomba eight years ago and, on the recommendation of a relative, had Copas Newnham manage it. Over the years we have fortunate enough to increase our portfolio and have transferred the management from the selling agents to Copas Newnham, having experienced sub-standard management. We have developed a sound working relationship with our property managers over the years.  Their tenant selection has been excellent and we are kept up to date with maintenance requirements and other issues.  The cost of maintenance by tradesmen contracted by Copas Newnham has always been within our expectations.  Rental deposits and statement arrive on time and are accurate. We made a purchase, on the recommendation of our manager, of a property being offered by another company that did not appear to be performing well.  It has now met our expectations. We would confidently recommend Copas Newnham Property Management to any prospective property investors.

Dan & Carmel Bryan

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the very professional way that you managed our property and would not hesitate in recommending Copas Newnham to anyone.  Thank you again Sharon.

Greg & Frances Brookes

As our tenancy agreement is nearing an end I thought it was timely to let you know how pleased we have been with the service provided by our property manager, Jacquie. She has been courteous and helpful in all of her dealings with us.  She has always conducted herself in a most professional manner and has been efficient in following up on any issues of concern. In summary, she has been a pleasure to deal with throughout our tenancy agreement and is always prepared to the extra mile.  We believe she is an asset to your company. On the basis of the service we have received from your company we would definitely choose you again for any of our property needs.

Lee Sakrzewski